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Hydrating Facial

Supple and Hydrated glowing skin is the goal of this facial.  Diminishing fine lines, massage of face, chst, arms and hands.  Tightening A sea clay mask and finishing with moisture boost and SPF.

60 Minutes | $120

Airbrush Makeup

Your makeup expert Christina will use an airbrush machine which is used to create a custom, soft and smooth finish.  It will be waterproof, does not smudge or transfer and then Christina will do the finishing touches on the finished look.

60 Minutes | From $85

Facial with Reiki

Including the hydrating facial with all the calm and balancing of Reiki, which helps your skin to remain soothed during and after our Facial.

75 Minutes | $180


Reiki is a technique used to transmit healing life force energy to self or others.  It helps to calm, unblock stuck energy in our bodies, heal and is the laying of hands throughout body.  Performed with clothes on while laying down by Master Practitioner Mary Luz

90 Minutes | From $150

Teen Acne Facial

1st we start by talking about home skin care routine, diet and clean pillowcases.  We then cleanse skin, gently extract, balance skin with clarifying toner, apply mask for Reducing large pores, redness, irritation and neutralizing oil, bacteria and ending with calming toner, light weight moisturizer and a SPF 30 Minutes | $75 60 Minutes | $125

Powder Brows

A digital machine which allows soft pixels of color to be layered on to the brows to create the perfect shape brow, creating a soft blended look.

2-3 Hours | $750