My Skin Journey

Part 1 - Adding to my skincare toolbox

A Little About Me

I’m 56 years old, and it’s hard to believe it as I type this. I’ve been a lifelong sun lover but always cared for my skin with SPF makeup and sunscreens. I even wear hats and cover-ups when I’m out in the sun. Even with that, I continue to see the effects of aging that frankly bother me. I know that without having a plan, things will only get worse.

My Why

I’ve deliberately sought “other ways” to maintain and rejuvenate my skin to keep up with aging. I want a more refreshed look and a way to stave off and repair apparent signs of aging. Everyone’s journey is different. I’m not a medical professional and cannot give medical advice, but I can share my journey with Carmine’s Aerolase Laser treatments here in this four-part blog. I’m mainly doing this to track my results and share my experience, which may benefit others looking for new or alternative methods to improve their skin.

I started my quest for skin rejuvenation by using products like Botox. It has its place and worked well for its specific applications. However, there are more skin issues that I need to address, and I listed them below.

My initial areas of concern

As I write this in winter, my lightly tanned skin has faded. Now, with no sun-kissed tan, I can see the problem areas. I can also see other things that I want to address:

  1. Dull skin. Overall, my skin lacks a glow and a youthful, healthy look. Moisturizers and scrubs are not cutting it.
  2. Age spots/sunspots. These spots are so visible now that my tan is gone and difficult to conceal with makeup. I have a prominent spot appearing on my forehead and a patch on my cheek.
  3. I have broken blood vessels. I have several near my nose. I know we get them as we age, but I don’t like them.
  4. Facial hair. This is a big one for me. As I’ve aged, I now get hair on my chin and upper lip that needs to be plucked or treated with dermaplaning. Either way, it’s a pain and is much more maintenance than I care for.
  5. Wrinkles. We all have them and will get them as we age. I’m realistic; I want to age beautifully but want the wrinkles to soften.

When I look at all these skin imperfections together, I need to find an additional effective treatment to manage these without downtime and interruptions to my schedule.

Next Steps

I scheduled a consultation at Carmine & Company’s Esthetics Salon 215-343-2595 to learn the benefits of their Aerolase laser treatments and what could be achieved through this regimen. Mary Luz, the owner of Carmine’s, invested in this new category of laser medicine. She and her staff are fully educated and trained in skincare theory and applying skin rejuvenation techniques through Aerolase

Part 2 - Excitement About My First Aerolase Treatment

  1. Step 1: Consultation and education
    After entering the treatment room, Mary Luz had me fill out paperwork. She also had me fill out a Fitzpatrick scale. This scale is a medical standard that classifies skin types and is used by skincare professionals to determine the setting of a laser when performing treatments. She also
    gave me an overview of Aerolase, its benefits, and what the treatment entails. She also went over aftercare. For those of us who want to spend on skincare but must budget these kinds of luxuries – Carmine & Company also offers financing, which is a
    great option.
  2. Step 2: Skin examination and discussing my goals: Next, we discussed my areas of concern, I also learned that more issues not on my list could be treated. Examples include breakouts; I had several when I arrived. I also learned that Aerolase effectively treats rosacea, enlarged pores, and red
    spots known as angiomas. At the time of my visit, I had a breakout, enlarged pores, and an angioma on my forehead that she said she would focus on. I had no idea it would be a multi-beneficial treatment that could target areas I had not listed or considered. Amazing!
  3. Skin Prep and Photo time! (insert photos) After removing my makeup, Mary Luz took photos as a reference point as I progressed through
    treatments four weeks apart. She also used a special marker to conceal and protect my brows and beauty marks from the laser. She also placed protective eyewear on. I circled the areas below that Mary Luz would focus on.

    Photos of my right and left side are below.

    Mary Luz and I discussed the treatment and prioritized several areas that she would focus on:
    – Angioma on my forehead
    – A cluster of age spots on my left cheek
    – Raised skin areas from acne scarring
    – Broken blood vessels on the sides of my nose

  4. Aerolase Treatment # 1 – Let’s do this!
    Mary Luz explained each step and started the treatment with the prescribed strength of the laser. She could easily adjust the strength up or down for comfort. During the treatment, I felt warmth as she moved the laser over my skin. Occasionally, I felt a pulse or light zap in other
    areas. The overall experience was relaxing and more like a spa treatment but with many benefits that I can’t wait to track the progress over time. 
  5. Experience hours and days after… 
    Immediately after the treatment, my skin felt firmer. The following day, my skin felt smoother and tighter. There was no downtime, and I could resume my normal skin and make-up routine the next day. Days and weeks after only one treatment:
    – Reduced hair growth overall, and hair that grew back was less dense
    – Acne breakouts were diminished
    – Raised scar areas seemed to be slightly softened
    – Improvement of the overall clarity of my skin with less redness

Part 3 - Aerolase Treatment

  1. Let’s start with the initial results that I noticed from my first treatment:
    – Reduced hair growth overall, and hair that grew back was less dense
    –  Acne breakouts were diminished, and healing
    –  The raised breakout area seemed to be slightly softened and smoother
    –  Improvement in the overall clarity of my skin; sunspot seems less prominent

    During my second treatment, Mary Luz suggested that she use a targeted lens to focus on three specific areas to customize my treatment:
    – The angioma on my forehead

    – Blood vessels near my nose

    – And the cluster of sunspots on my cheek.

    Even though my entire face received complete treatment, special attention was spent on these areas.  What a benefit to have an overall treatment but with specific work done on the problem areas! These treatments can bring multiple corrections with each session! Bonus!
    I left with a vitamin C skin brightener and will also invest in a quality sunscreen, which is essential to protect my investment to improve my skin.
  2. Experience days and weeks after After two treatments, I can see and feel a difference. I’ll try to be as specific as possible:
    a. One, my skin feels smoother and looks less splotchy
    b. Two, the sunspots are fading, and although not gone, my make-up is better able to conceal these areas
    c. Third, after combining these treatments with a few quality products, my skin looks brighter and more transparent.

    I see improvements and like that these treatments don’t take much time; I also like that I get a custom treatment targeting specific areas. I also enjoy learning about additional products that will benefit and enhance my overall results. It’s working for me!

Part 4

  1. Consultation and examination for T-3 a. Results on a scale of 1-5
  2. Days after – experience
  3. Final thoughts and plan going forwardBottom Line: If you are tired of dealing with skin imperfections that prevent you from looking and feeling your best? Look no further than Carmine & Company’s Esthetics Salon.  Call them 215-343-2595. Their Aerolase laser treatments offer effective results without any downtime. Mary Luz, the owner of Carmine’s, has invested in this new category of laser medicine and her staff is fully trained in skin rejuvenation techniques through Aerolase. Along with your treatments, you will also get a consultation on high-quality skin care products and additional treatments to enhance your results. Schedule a consultation now to learn more about the benefits of this treatment and achieve the flawless skin you’ve always wanted.