Curly Hair Tips To Get Beautiful Curly Hair

1. Shampoo curly hair less and use condition more! wet your hair as usual when you are going to shampoo, skip the shampoo and use conditioner as your shampoo. massage into your ends and up toward you scalp. some curly hair is so thick that you leave some conditioner in it, rinse a little out, or leave all in. if you have fine curly hair put a small pea size conditioner only on the end to add definition and elimanate frizz as it dries.
2. Use your fingers or widetooth comb to detangle. There is also the “wet brush” you can use and all these to prevent breakage and preserve the shape of curls .
3.Use a t-shirt instead of towel to gently soak up excess water. it also help keep the form of your curls and not have any matting.
4. Use satin sheets to avoid tangling and matting , regular ones rough up and seperate your curls.
5. Revive your curls the next day with a spray or serum curl reviver.
Redkens’ Beach Envy spray works , Redken Curvaceous , Full Swirl Serum for curly and wavy hair and Redkens’ Ringlet , an anti-frizz lotion all work will to spruce up tired or fuzzy hair while adding more shine to your curly locks!
Add a little water to them in your hands and apply to re-awaken your locks.
6. All 3 are great after you wash your hair and apply liberally using your fingers to work product thru well. Starting at ends and working your way up hair shaft.
7. Use a gloss conditioning color for shine and a hint of color , lasts up to 6 weeks and will rinse out gradually so you don’t get a regrowth line.
8. Regular “mini” trims every 6-8 weeks keeps split ends from forming and curls smooth and bouncy! Book your appointments for your trims before leaving your salon so you don”t go to long in between haircuts.

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