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Corrective Color Blog 2/5/2015
I’ve been coloring hair for over 20 years now. Attending hair color classes all those years, 2-4 every year. I also train others to “see color” and it’s theory. To build a strong color foundation the knowing of it is a MUST!
That being said. I have seen and corrected hundreds of salon guests hair color during my career as a colorists.
Much of what we do as colorists in the salon is corrective color with the exception of just covering grey or adding shine to the hair. We have 8 colorists in the salon and when you combine our years together along with the education we have received we have a wealth of knowledge NOBODY can touch. Often we gather with one or more as a collective to analyize someone’s hair and figure out the Best method to correct what is going on. We’ve been doing this for so many years and it feels so natural that the client often feels even more secure and relieved that her hair is in great care. Let’s face it, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory! You can’t take it off and put something else on unless you use wigs or a hat. When she isn’t feeling good about her hair her whole day, week or month can go south in a heart beat!
Our consultations are free and VERY necessary to allow the time for correction and to discuss cost and upkeep. We are an Redken Elite Salon and pride ourselves in their top color and haircare technology!
Call us, you’re in good hands!
Warmly~ Mary Luz

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