Gifts of Nature

Following closure of most stores, salon, nail salons, gyms , retail stores and more, I’ve had the extra time to move my body and it has been a blessing from not so positive times.This virus is a nasty one and getting fresh air every day has given me many gifts and lessons.Hope, love and faith among these uncertain times seem to elude many people. The media constantly “updating” us on the COVID-19. The level of anxiety, fear and panic has risen ten-fold.I’ve had to close down my business as so many others did also, to try and ‘flatten the curve” of this illness in a massive undertaking of reducing cases and deaths.

With all this happening, going outside into nature, moving our bodies, listening , watching birds and other wild life including softly running water over rocks in creeks help our natural rhythm to stabelize and calms our nervous system. I’ve seen many posts on social media about nature and of peoples’ “findings” while out in nature. Today someone posted a picture of tree vines in a shape of a heart. That’s so cool that we can find and get signs from the universe in this manner. Love always finds a way! I was walking along my favorite lake, Lake Galena, and noticed that the lake was very low. I saw big tree trunks that usually are covered up by the water. I saw small little clam shells and bigger snail-like shells, simply beautiful. I walked the shoreline that is regularly un-walkable because of the water levels. I felt lucky. I felt my monkey mind slow down as I took in the shells, turtles, fallen tree trunks, tree limbs. My muscles in my body relaxed and I felt myself breathing more deeply and slowly. 

I visited the bird sanctuary and stood there watching them all take turns at the feeders. They would fly in from wherever and land on a tree limb, checking out the scenery as they looked on to watch who was grubbing at the feeders.So on that note I will continue to walk and see and feel, the good, the hope, the bad and ugly too. After all its all part of what’s happening.Until we see each other again in groups , events, homes and business , be safe, healthy and walk some in nature.

All my Love ,Mary Luz

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