Hair Color Technology

Have you ever found a picture in a magazine of a great cut or color and when you go back for it to show your stylist, you can’t find it! Frustrating to say the least! Then you start combing through every magazine you come across trying to find something “similar” or “the picture” you found in the first place… NO GO! Then you try “describing” it to your stylist, even more frustrating!
All I have to say as a hairdresser myself is “thank God for I pads, tablets, smart phones and Internet! Hurray! Everything you need at your fingertips, Pinterest is one of my favorites app/ website for finding  just about anything you’re interested in, hence the name Pinterest. You can “pin” your favorite pictures to a board you create and label. Gardening, fashion, home décor, art and Hairstyles, colors and cuts! Yah! Type in “short layered cuts” and 100’s of styles “pop” right up! You can pin them or save them to your device. Then you can show your stylist and friends.
As a hairdresser it’s been a tool I now use every day in the salon. It is a great source of inspiration for us along with staying up to date with what’s new and popular. So bring in those pictures ladies and gentlemen! We love them! From them we can discuss what you like and don’t like, if the style/color is right for you, and then we can customize and personalize it just for you! You gotta love that! I know I do. Here’s to beautiful hair!
By Mary Luz

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